Brigid’s Forge / Brigid’s Well Ritual 2006/7

In 2006 I coaxed two friends into helping me create a ritual to honor Brigid, the Celtic three-fold Goddess of healing, poetry, and metal craft. We started with the idea that all of us go through periods in our life where we feel cut off from the divine, isolated from the very source that feeds our creativity, hearts, souls and minds. We talked about the fact that most of the time when this happens the feeling is that the divine has forgotten us, but in truth, we have forgotten that we are always connected to the divine and that they are always there, waiting for us to remember them.

Brigid’s Forge / Brigid’s Well is about owning those things that we allow to get in our way – recognizing that life, bills, family, health, politics, the dog, the cat, allergies, anything and everything, can and does come between us and our connection with the divine. The ritual is also about helping all of us remember how to reconnect with the divine and celebrate that power in our lives.

On this page you will find PDF files for the Master script, the ritual / spacial layout, an alternate version of one of the main blessing prayers, the set of meditations we created for the cast to help them connect with Brigid during the rehearsal process, and an interview with me about the ritual that was done for the PantheaCon Newsletter in 2007.

Our Bio from the Program:

The creators of this ritual are Robin Dolan, Catherine Pennington and Martha Storm.  Together the three of us represent seven traditions, four BA’s, two graduate degrees, seven cats, three dogs, two children and several lovers/husbands.  We are also all former artistic directors of Magical Acts Ritual Theater (MART).  For Brigid’s Forge / Brigid’s Well we acquired a few additional nuts to help us out.  All 30+ of them are amazing people but now we¹ve lost count of the number of traditions we are, how many kids and lovers we have and which hat to wear when!  “We produce rituals, theater and events; when and if we feel like it and only if it’s fun!”

The Files:

Brigid ritual master

Brigid Ritual Room Layout

Alternate Words for the Blessing of Brigid

Meditation to Brigid.1stFullGroup

Meditation to Brigid.2ndFullGroup

Meditation to Brigid.Subgroups

Daily Oracle Interview about the Brigid Ritual

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